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M was groomed for both skate and classic today. There is a lot of debris on the trails as things warm up and the wind blows. Our trails are narrow and despite a good amount of snow, the “path through the woods” quality of our trails limits their lifespan come springtime. Enjoy what we have.

As of Thursday night…

… DRXCM and S are trackset; M and S are groomed for skate as well. Not sure how long this will last but it’s here for now! The snow is still quite deep under the ice layer. There’s a tree down on M just before King’s Farm road but you can sneak by on the right. Didn’t have the right saw with me.
Happy skiing.

Holding Pattern

DRXCMSBK are groomed for classic. M and S and K are groomed for skate. We left H alone as no one seems to use it. With the warm temperatures forecast, this will likely be the last grooming until it gets cold again in a week. Things are starting to fall from trees and degrade the track – feel free to chuck tree debris off to the side. Enjoy.