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Some progress

This afternoon, K (aka the Hydro line) and little M were groomed for skating. The track in these areas was destroyed but will make a return as the groomers attempt to reclaim our trails. Skiing is marginal but decent.

Really, it’s Spring?

The only trails not groomed today are B and H. Everything else has a track and M and S are good for skating as well. This is possible the last groom (although, never say never) but there is still some good skiing to be had.

We had to cut through a few trees to make it around the trails so if you see a tree down, please feel free to contact the executive or the groomers so that we can carry the appropriate tools to make it through.

Happy trails.

Spring skiing

M, S and K were groomed for skating this morning.  There were some big branches on the trails and ground is showing through on the edges.  It is next to impossible to set track in the ice where the existing track is so DRX and C will be left alone.

Happy trails.


While the season is not necessarily over,  our ability to groom diminishes as temperatures warm.  The machines tend to overheat when the temperatures are warm. They will shut off automatically and not allow us to use them.  Enjoy what we have and perhaps we’ll get some temperatures where some grooming can be done.  As you know, our narrow trails start to accumulate debris at this time of year which also interferes with the grooming process and slushy snow starts to turn into ice, which is ungroomable.  It’s not over ’til the robin sings and we will do what we can.  Enjoy the sun and the signs of renewed life on our chunk of land.

Happy trails.