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New grooming

An attempt was made today to groom little M and K. Although somewhat successful (i.e. some track is better than no track) the end result will probably be solid ice.  There is a 1.5 cm layer of ice on top of fluffy ice crystals on top of wet ice. As the temperature drops and the snow dries out conditions will be better for us to groom and provide safe (i.e. not ice) tracks for all.  We appreciate your patience and will get the trails back in order as soon as we can – there’s lots more skiing to be had!

New snow

No grooming will happen until the temperatures drop again. Any disturbance to the snow at this point (skiing included) may result in irreparable damage that can’t be groomed out of the resultant ice. Hopefully we’ll be out on Thursday.


Little M and K were smoothed out today (skate only) for the high school skiers to train on for next Wednesday’s race. The track elsewhere seems to be holding up well under the conditions. After the mess of the next 24 hours we hope to get the trails back in peak condition. Stay tuned.

Trail work

This afternoon classic tracks on R, X, D, M, S-H link will be wiped out in preparation for the Silver Spoon. Our groomers and machinery will be active on the trails. With this in mind, conditions for skiing will be less than ideal until race time tomorrow.

The snowshoe and ungroomed trails will not be affected.

Silver Spoon

The grooming team is busy preparing for this weekend’s Silver Spoon Ski Fest. With the warm, wet weather we are ‘saving’ the snow so that a good track can be set for the races. Without more snow there is nothing much we can do to improve the trails for the long term right now anyway.  The classic track set for the races will be left in place for a few days following the races as many people seem to enjoy this (it’s also supposed to get warm again!).