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Saturday March 2nd is Jackrabbit Fun Day!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone! A huge thank you to the groomers, especially George Doubt, and to Christian Kaiser and Bridget Chiasson for designing and setting up the various levels of ski-orienteering courses, to Kevin McDonald, Ashleigh Cluff and Christian Kaiser for going out in the middle of the week to build a fun snow terrain park for the jackrabbits on the hydroline despite an icy hard crust, our Bunnyrabbit Coaches Nitaya Wensel and Catalina Anghel for helping with activities around the chalet, and to my super husband for all the extra errand running and support!

See everyone soon! Hard to believe that next Saturday, March 9th is the last day of Jackrabbit Lessons and the start of March Break!

Saturday February 9th

Jackrabbits was absolutely fantastic all things considered! Thank you to the whole team of all volunteer groomers and trail clearers, the team of chainsawers, for going above and beyond to remove fallen trees, groom, and set tracks.

We had a good turn out. There were lots of smiling faces today!

Kathryn Chiasson

Jackrabbit Co-Ordinator


For Saturay January 19th –
Jackrabbit Lessons are cancelled for both Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits due to the extreme cold temperature forecast. We’ll see you all next week! Stay Warm! ūüôā

Please send me an email if you would like to be added to a contact list for DRXC and Jackrabbit families, interested in organizing their own ski outings for fun and practice outside of lessons.

Kathryn Chiasson, Jackrabbit Co-Ordinator

There’s still time to register for Jackrabbits (including Bunny Rabbit) XC ski lessons!

Jackrabbit Registration   (Ages 3 years to 15 years)

Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits  is the name for the cross country ski lesson program developed and supported by Cross Country Ski Ontario and Cross Country Canada.   It is $60 per child to register.

In addition to the registration fee, most children need to rent ski equipment.  This year, our ski rentals are availabe to jackrabbit including bunnyrabbit children at a flat rate of $25 for the season.  See my  other post for more details about cross country ski rentals.

The Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit program promotes the fundamental development of cross country ski skills in a fun-filled environment.

The objective is for children and teens to learn basic cross-country ski skills in both classic¬† technique (also called “Nordic”) and “skate-skiing” technique, and to instill a lifelong interest in the sport, thereby enhancing their quality of life and health.¬† ¬†The focus for very young children is FUNdamental Movement, games and getting comfortable in skis.¬† ¬†As older children and teens progress, they will also be introduced to Learning to Train to compete.

Parents must choose from a number of volunteer opportunities to help the program run smoothly.  Our club and cross country ski school is run entirely by volunteers.

Our lessons are held Saturday afternoons from January 5, 2019 to March 2nd, 2019.   We meet at 1:30 p.m. behind the DRXC Chalet.   Lessons are approximately 1 hour to 2 hours depending on age and level.

Registration for ski lessons (this means Jackrabbits and Bunnyrabbits) is online only and payment is by credit card.
Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits have the same fee $60.

Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit children will also receive a fun booklet with tips and ski skills that they will be learning in their lessons.  They can also place stickers earned for skill completion into these booklets.  They will also receive a special Jackrabbit/Bunnyrabbit ski toque.  At the end of our ski season we hold our Annual Awards Potluck Banquet when children receive various awards for skill completion, distance, sprint, adventure, and a variety of other related skills.

The enrolled children are automatically DRXC members, and are also automatically registered for the Mass Start Just for Fun race at the Annual Silver Spoon which will be held Saturday February 2nd here in Deep River.  More info closer to the date.

If your child is not taking ski lessons with us, but you wish to ski on our trails, then you would need to purchase regular DRXC memberships for any children older than 5 years old,  there are Child, Student, Adult rates for the regular membership.  More information is available on our Program and Registration Page.

For more information on Jackrabbit and Bunnyrabbit cross country ski lessons, contact Kathryn Chiasson 613-584-4255.  Registration is online only.  Follow the links on our Registration Page.

THIS WEEKEND: December 1st, 2nd, at the Squash and Curling Club

If you need to rent cross country ski equipment, it’s happening this weekend at the Deep¬† River Squash and Curling Club.

The Deep River Curling and Squash Club is located at 1 Granite Lane, Deep River, ON.   Off of McElligott Drive, beside the Deep River Legion, and behind the Skating Arena.

It’s a flat-rate for children’s ski equipment $25 for the ski season, and $40 flat-rate for adults.

Ski Rental Schedule:

Saturday December 1st
*10 am to 12 noon –¬†¬†*Only kids registered for Jackrabbits and their immediate families, please.*

12noon to 5pm  РAnyone.

Sunday December 02

10 am to 1 pm   Anyone.

After December 2nd,  please contact Paul Chiasson to arrange an appointment for a fitting.  Paul can be reached at 613 584 9882.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Please note, if you still need to register for Jackrabbit or Bunnyrabbit Ski Lessons.
Registration for lessons is on-line only, and payment is by credit card.  To register for lessons, please go to our Registration Page.  Thank you.

Parents please note: DRXC is offering half price membership fees for adults who are new to the club to utilize the trails. This could be a great opportunity to ski with your children outside of the Jackrabbit lessons. Visit the General Membership form for DRXC to sign yourself up.