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DRXC Trail Conditions

DRXC is the Deep River Cross Country Ski Club, Deep River, Ont. The club grooms 10km of classic-only trails and another 10km of combined skating+classic trails in woodland on the east side of the townsite. (Visitors will find our skating trails narrow.) This blog focuses on ski conditions of the groomed trails. Comments should be directed to the club executive.  Contact information is listed here.

Scroll down to see updates on the latest conditions.

Race day at the DRXC ski club.


What was old is new again

DRX and C were groomed this morning – George said that C is still lumpy but better than it was. The skate loop was flattened and got a new track.  The hydro line got flattened and has a few tracks on it too. Finishing S and H are the next hits on our list. Marc, the fresh face on the Groom Squad, did an excellent job on his first outing!


Touch up

The M plus the S-H link got a touch up late this afternoon. It is prepped for skate and has a track set off to the right in its usual place. The H downhill only has entry and exit track (and a short bit in the middle), M downhill has a full track on the right and M-extension hill only has entry and exit tracks. The hydro line received some breaking up as well, in prep for a snowfall!

Other tracks were left as is after the Silver Spoon and will see some grooming once more snow falls. Our plans are also to open C and the rest of H and S once conditions allow. B is low on the priority list until we get more snow.