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DRXC Trail Conditions

The DRXC grooms 10km of classic-only trails and another 10km of combined skating+classic trails within the Silver Spoon trails, located on the east end of town, just past the hospital.  This blog focuses on the ski conditions of these groomed trails.  Please contact the club executive with any comments or concerns regarding any of the DRXC trails.

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Race day at the DRXC ski club.


Let the season begin…

A few trails have been groomed as of Thursday evening. Little m, the extension and the hydro line were rolled and are ready for skaters. These sections plus D, M and R were tracked for classic. M and R are quite rough – rocks are at, on or near the surface – there are also wet patches. D and little m are not bad for classic ;  little m, the hydro line and  M-extension are OK for skating.  Using your rock skis is probably still the best option.


Welcome to the 2018/2019 ski season!

We are planning to start grooming soon but are awaiting the delivery of our machines, both of which needed clutch service and seasonal maintenance. Little M and the hydro line will be groomed first as they are flat and free of debris. Others will follow as conditions allow – probably R, D and the remainder of M.