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DRXC Trail Conditions

DRXC is the Deep River Cross Country Ski Club, Deep River, Ont. The club grooms 10km of classic-only trails and another 10km of combined skating+classic trails in woodland on the east side of the townsite. (Visitors will find our skating trails narrow.) This blog focuses on ski conditions of the groomed trails. Comments should be directed to the club executive.  Contact information is listed here.

Scroll down to see updates on the latest conditions.

Race day at the DRXC ski club.



M was groomed for both skate and classic today. There is a lot of debris on the trails as things warm up and the wind blows. Our trails are narrow and despite a good amount of snow, the “path through the woods” quality of our trails limits their lifespan come springtime. Enjoy what we have.

As of Thursday night…

… DRXCM and S are trackset; M and S are groomed for skate as well. Not sure how long this will last but it’s here for now! The snow is still quite deep under the ice layer. There’s a tree down on M just before King’s Farm road but you can sneak by on the right. Didn’t have the right saw with me.
Happy skiing.

Holding Pattern

DRXCMSBK are groomed for classic. M and S and K are groomed for skate. We left H alone as no one seems to use it. With the warm temperatures forecast, this will likely be the last grooming until it gets cold again in a week. Things are starting to fall from trees and degrade the track – feel free to chuck tree debris off to the side. Enjoy.