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River loops and D

R, X, C and D were groomed this morning .

The skate loops will get some attention this afternoon (after 3) so you may want to avoid these trails until grooming is complete as the track will be wiped and very soft.

M, H and S were re-groomed for skate and classic as well – Looks like it’s time to start on B!


M, H and S were smoothed for skating and a new track was set. Trails are still a bit soft but will get harder and smoother with some more work. The warm weather is not ideal for grooming but we’ll wait and see what happens, weather-wise.

D, R, X and C will get a refresh in the coming days as well.

I sure wish the dog walker would stay off M!

Happy New Year

Much grooming was done today (around 9 or 10 people hours).

D, R, X, and C were set for classic only – they are in good condition, although bumpy in areas.

M, H, S and K were groomed for both skate and classic. Only B was left alone. M (except for little m and the Extension), H and S are still quite rough – they are not recommended for skating just yet as they need some smoothing out and some more snow. If you classic around these loops you will want to use your rock skis and be prepared for lots of bumps.