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DRXC Trail Conditions

The DRXC grooms 10km of classic-only trails and another 10km of combined skating+classic trails within the Silver Spoon trails, located on the east end of town, just past the hospital.  This blog focuses on the ski conditions of these groomed trails.  Please contact the club executive with any comments or concerns regarding any of the DRXC trails.

Scroll down for the latest updates on the trail conditions.

Race day at the DRXC ski club.

Grooming Update for March 02

Last night all DRXC trails were groomed for skate and classic skiing.

I’m expecting to find debris in the track in places because of the wind yesterday evening, although the 5 cm of snow that’s forecast for us tonight might take care of that. Be cautious of the bigger hills because I expect the track will become very fast in the days ahead, . ENJOY!

Grooming Report for 25 February 2021

All DRXC loops were groomed this morning. Conditions are fantastic.

The only exception is B loop does not yet have a track set (but it has been flattened for skate skiing). The issue with B loop is “the wall” (steep uphill), where we have to let the snow set firmly before we try to drag the track setter up the steep hill. It is no fun getting stuck on that hill. We’ll try to set it tonight or tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, ENJOY!

Also, the tracks that pass under the hydro lines are badly damaged from the heavy equipment working on the power lines.

Grooming Update 2021 February 16

Last night we did some grooming, before the snow that just fell. We were essentially doing maintenance on some of the trails so that when we groom with the new snow it’ll be really fine. We smoothed out the skate trails and then trackset M and K, under thy hydro lines. The new snow buried our grooming, but we knew this would happen. Our plan is to groom EVERYTHING tonight, so tomorrow there should be fantastic trails.

We need YOUR help with something. While we were finishing up grooming last night, 2 snowmobiles tore up K loop. They came from Balmer Bay. One sled is a hot rod, with high pitched LOUD revving. I’d like to get the word out to folks in that community so parents can discuss snowmobile etiquette with their kids. We have seen snowmobile tracks across K three times now in recent days, and to do this on fresh grooming, crossing posted signs and barriers, we need to address this. SPREAD THE WORD please. Or if you know who is doing this, PM me please and we’ll visit them for a chat.