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Silver Spoon

The grooming team is busy preparing for this weekend’s Silver Spoon Ski Fest. With the warm, wet weather we are ‘saving’ the snow so that a good track can be set for the races. Without more snow there is nothing much we can do to improve the trails for the long term right now anyway.  The classic track set for the races will be left in place for a few days following the races as many people seem to enjoy this (it’s also supposed to get warm again!).


Last night M, the S-H link, M-extension and K were rolled for skating.  The track was removed during this process but will reappear shortly.  Work will begin shortly for the approaching Silver Spoon.

The Saturday Report

D, R, X, C, M (including the extension), S-H link and K were fully groomed today. S is open to the top along with the first half of H – This part is ski-able.

Please note that the rest of S and H is NOT fully groomed; we have flattened some snow with the snowmobiles only. It is still very rough with frequent open patches where there is running water. There are also big rocks just sub-surface.  We have placed caution signs on the trail to warn skiers that the back half of S is not open. There has been no grooming on B yet either. These trails will be opened as conditions allow.

Happy skiing.