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Weekend Work

All our trails are now ski-able. D,R,X,C,M and K have seen grooming and have a track set. S has now been rolled and could be skate skied although it is quite bumpy and uneven. Snowplowing on the downhills has scraped them pretty clean and are icy in patches; ski cautiously on these outer loops. B and H have seen skier traffic but have not been groomed and will remain thus until more snow arrives.


Yesterday’s snow should have freshened things up a bit. Grooming is forthcoming once there are no skiers on the trails to run into. Looks like a nice weekend coming up.

Some more grooming.

As luck would have it, Deep River is hydrophobic/snowphillic (spellcheck was of no use on that one)! With all the snow on the ground it looked beautiful and serene. That has been taken care of.

M has been rolled for skating – still quite bumpy but no rocks were unearthed. Proceed with caution and get some ice packs ready for your shin muscles. D, R, X, C and M have also been track-set – C is quite thin and not suited for good skis yet. The others are fine; I’ll get D right next time 😉