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Grooming report for 2020 January 28

Grooming was completed this morning on most, but not all loops.

For skate-skiers, flattening was carried out on M, M extension, S and the downhill half of H. K loop (under the hydro lines) will be flattened after 4 pm today.

For classic skiers, track setting was carried out on D, R, X, C, M, M extension and S. Track setting was not carried out on H or K loop. It is expected that track setting will be carried out on K loop after 4 pm today.

B Loop remains ungroomed with a back-country track set by skiers.

Grooming update for 2020 january 26

Although we have accumulated snow overnight, the snow is wet, so we are not able to groom right away. If we groom wet snow, that packed snow will turn into an icey, trecharous surface for skiing, so we must wait for the air temp to drop below zero and the moisture in the snow to freeze. With the forecast the way it is right now, we will not be able to groom until Tuesday.

Grooming Report for 2020 January 19 (morning)

Grooming is presently underway. There will be an update later in the day when the work is completed, but as of 10:00 am D, R, X and C were being track set for classic skiing, and M and S were being rolled for skate-skiing. It’s likely that M and S will also be track set, unless we have a breakdown. Get out this afternoon for amazing skiing.

Grooming Update for 2020 January 13

All DRXC ski trails were groomed today, except B loop. D, R, X and C were groomed in the morning and M, M extension, S, and H were groomed in the afternoon. K loop (under the hydro lines) was groomed yesterday. Grooming included leveling and rolling for skate-skiers, and track setting for classic skiing. The trails are bumpy in places but when we get more snow, we’ll perform more leveling.