Good-quality, coloured maps of the Silver Spoon Trails are available below, or from the DRXC Membership Coordinator.

Maps of the backcountry trails in the Bass Lake and Forestry trail  systems are available below.

Maps of the Four Seasons Conservancy’s Snowshoe Trails are available below or, for a nominal fee, from either the DRXC chalet or the Secretary, Four Seasons Conservancy, P.O. Box 591, Deep River, ON.

Silver Spoon Trails Map 2021 -pdf

Silver Spoon Trails Distances

Bass Lake Trails Combined Map 2015 – pdf

Bass Lake Trails with Distances 2021 – pdf

Bass Lake Trails Map – Snowmobile Route (with directions) – Ski or Hike – pdf
Bass Lakes Incredible Snowshoe (BLISS) Trail Map 2021 (with directions) – snowshoe or hike – pdf
Petawawa Research Forestry Ski Map 2021 – pdf

Petawawa Research Forestry Snowshoe Map 2021 – pdf

Four Seasons Conservancy Snowshoe Trails 2021 – pdf 

Deep River Cross Country Ski Club