Saturday February 24 – Jackrabbits ski lesson cancelled today due to icy conditions

Parents, coaches, jackrabbits, as of yesterday,  Friday February 23rd, the trails were glassy icy, set tracks were washed out, and snow conditions non-groomable due to hazards for equipment and risk of injury to grooming volunteers.  As it remained below freezing overnight and into the morning, and there has been no significant new snow, conditions have not improved and we must cancel today’s lesson.

We’re now aiming for Saturday March 3rd for our Fun Day.  In the past, Jackrabbit Fun Day has been organized as a series of fun activities and a non-lesson day.  But this is not what I propose.  I would like the Fun Day to still very much incorporate ski technique drills and games, a camp fire and snacks.  We’re forced to compress a great deal of our regular season into the good ski days alotted to us.  I’ll be in touch over the week with coaches and volunteers.
Note that March 3rd is the second last lesson of the xc ski season, and our final lesson is Saturday March 10th which is also the beginning of March Break so we’re likely to miss a number of jackrabbit families for the last day.
Let’s hope for more wintry conditions leading into March 3rd.
Kathryn Chiasson
Jackrabbits Program Co-ordinator