Saturday January 13, Meet & Greet RSVP please. see below for details.

While we do have to cancel lessons again, due to the recent heavy rains, flash freeze, and tomorrow’s forecast of -19C with windchill -33C for the “high”,  I’d like to float the idea of a Meet & Greet inside the chalet .

Nitaya, Melissa, and I will be there to meet & greet any Bunnyrabbits and new older beginner jackrabbits and their families at 1:30 p.m. tomorrow if there’s interest.  PLEASE RSVP by replying to my email or calling me at 584 4255.
We can take a look at your child’s ski equipment for proper fit, the kids can decorate their rental skis and poles that will help them get used to the idea of this new strange stuff, as well as hopefully make it easier to spot your child’s rental skis and poles when they’re all side-by-side in the racks next to identical sets.
We can also go over how to choose and apply ski wax, what ski skills we’ll be working on.  We’ll also have a few fun games or crafts to introduce terms like “pizza”, “french fries”, and fall & rise.
I’ll suggest the bunny rabbits could wear their regular winter boots, so we can try on the new boots indoors, it will also give us an opportunity to talk about wool & synthetic socks, never cotton socks!  and how to dress in layers, what sort of materials work well.  Also, I think it might be a good idea to have them try standing in ready position, snow plow, parallell just in regular footwear.
We’ll also probably have pizza, depending on numbers and feedback from families who plan to attend, I’m open to other suggestions too to accommodate allergies.  As far as I know, none of the Bunnyrabbits have any food allergies, but out of 34 jackrabbits, we have 5 registrants with anaphylactic allergies, including a couple with dairy and egg allergies, but most are nut, tree-nut, sesame, walnut, cashews, hazelnuts, and of course peanuts.
This is a totally optional event, but please reply if you plan to attend and how many?
Coaches and assistant-coaches, likewise, please let me know if you plan to join us, but it’s not mandatory.
I’m also looking at how close we are to the Silver Spoon on January 27, and I’d like us to get a good turn out at the Silver Spoon, so we’ll also be chatting with the new jack rabbit families about that.  All jackrabbits including Bunnyrabbits are automatically registered for the Silver Spoon mass start, it’s a just for fun all ages xc ski race event held at St Mary’s School, here in Deep River.  Families can ski together for the mass start especially for the younger ones.
Looking forward to hearing from you, let me know as soon as possible whether you plan to attend and how many.
Kathryn Chiasson
Home Tel 613 584 4255
Also, I would like everyone’s cell phone numbers please so I can have an emergency contact list when we finally do get out on the trails.  Please send me a private email with your cell phone numbers.
Thank you!