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24 January 2021 Grooming Update

B loop and the ungroomed sections of S and H were track set. On Friday those loops were flattened in preparation for track setting, but the resulting skate track is a bit rough in places. The skate track is also a bit narrow right now, but we intend to widen it more after the next snowfall.

Be cautious of the hills … the conditions are fast, and the falls could be hard.

2021 January 22 Grooming Report

Last night a couple of our groomers rolled and track set M, S, H and K loops, so there is fresh terrain to enjoy this morning. For the other loops set under the forest canopy, we didn’t accumulate enough snow to groom D and the riverside loops R, X and C, but they are still enjoyable to ski.

For those of you that prefer to not ski the hills on M loop, Kings Road was also track set (middle or intermediate M).

There will be an attempt later this morning to start packing and levelling B loop, and the parts of M, S, and H that have until now been left natural, so please watch out for the groomers.


2021 January 18 Grooming Update

Last night 2 of our groomers groomed as much as they could with the limited new snow that we have. For skate ski enthusiasts, M, S, H and K were rolled, but not all of S (H provides the gentle downhill run back to M). For people that enjoy classic skiing, D, R, X, C, M, S, H and K were track set. With the cool night, the grooming should have set up nicely overnight. We need alot more snow before we can groom B and R loops. ENJOY

22 December 2020 Grooming Report

We have some limited grooming for you to enjoy tomorrow. For skate skiers, Little M and K (hydro lines) are flattened. It’s a bit bumpy, but that’s what we have.

For classic skiers we have a single track set on Little M, and on Less Little M (King’s Road to M). We also have double track set on both sides of K under the hydro lines.

Get out to enjoy this tomorrow because it’s supposed to rain all day on Thursday. If the single tracks are too busy for your comfort, ski the double tracks on K.

We need more snow before we can groom the other trails.

CAUTION: if you ski the ungroomed section of M Loop, be cautious crossing the second bridge over Kennedy Creek (Ormrod’s). It had iced over a few weeks ago.