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The snow that fell a few days ago was enough to re-groom some of the trails.

For classic skiers, track setting was done on Loops D, R, X, C, K (under the power lines), and short M (Kings Road). The old track was left the way it was on the rest of M and on S. There is exposed ground in a few spots on the big hills on M and S because of snow plow scraping, so watch for that.

For skate skiers, rolling was done on M, S, H and K.

We need more snow to make it really nice, but the grooming is nice in many places.


Yesterday’s snowfall was enough to do some grooming this morning. The outcome of grooming marginal snow with an old crust is fair, but it’s better than before we groomed.

For classic skiers, track setting was done on M, S, D, R and X loops.

For skate skiers, rolling was done on M, S, and H loops. K loop, under the power lines, was rolled and track set a few days ago, but it might be redone tonight.

ENJOY, but be very cautious of downhill sections because there is very little soft snow to cushion a fall.

Grooming Update for March 02

Last night all DRXC trails were groomed for skate and classic skiing.

I’m expecting to find debris in the track in places because of the wind yesterday evening, although the 5 cm of snow that’s forecast for us tonight might take care of that. Be cautious of the bigger hills because I expect the track will become very fast in the days ahead, . ENJOY!

Grooming Report for 25 February 2021

All DRXC loops were groomed this morning. Conditions are fantastic.

The only exception is B loop does not yet have a track set (but it has been flattened for skate skiing). The issue with B loop is “the wall” (steep uphill), where we have to let the snow set firmly before we try to drag the track setter up the steep hill. It is no fun getting stuck on that hill. We’ll try to set it tonight or tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, ENJOY!

Also, the tracks that pass under the hydro lines are badly damaged from the heavy equipment working on the power lines.