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Light and Fluffy

It’s nice to see some snow. Definitely more than was forecast. Some tests were conducted yesterday and it seems that the snow compacts to about 2 cm on top of a hard, irregular ice base. With the additional evening snow there may be enough to test roll and perhaps track-set in places. This will happen this morning. Stay tuned.

DRXC Trail Conditions

The DRXC grooms 10km of classic-only trails and another 10km of combined skating+classic trails within the Silver Spoon trails, located on the east end of town, just past the hospital.  This blog focuses on the ski conditions of these groomed trails.  Please contact the club executive with any comments or concerns regarding any of the DRXC trails.

Scroll down for the latest updates on the trail conditions.

Race day at the DRXC ski club.


Some trial work has been done on K and to quote the man who did the work,

“The de-aerated snow was about 3-4 cm deep after rolling, so setting a track is hopeless. The snowmobile skis were into the dirt the whole time.  The snow is extremely fine powder that flies everywhere and I have no  idea if K will be skiable.”

With the forecast for warming and possible rain, there are no plans for further grooming. Hope for snow.


It’s here – The machines are being ‘groomed’ as I speak.  PAXC typically needs 20cm. Their trails are on ‘roads’ – ours are not so we need more.  We will groom as soon as we can, though. Stay tuned for updates.  It’s beginning to look a l………..