Bridge Replacements

This page provides information on the bridge replacement work on the Silver Spoon Trails.

Bishop’s Bridge (1st bridge on M Loop)

The Bishop’s Bridge has been successfully replaced. Many thanks to all those who contributed, especially Dave Rhodes who designed the bridge, Tim Sykes who did most of the construction work, the many volunteers that help with cement moving and bridge installation, and contractor Tracy Lance who did the shoreline protection work and the final lifting of the assembled bridge on to the footings.

The replacement bridge will handle the usual winter loads associated with Nordic skiing (skiers and trail grooming equipment), as well as some trail maintenance vehicles (e.g., tractors , trailers) for work on the M, S, H, and B Loops.

Thanks to the Four Seasons Conservancy for contributing $14.8k in funding towards this project.

Bridge Design Report (pdf)

Building Permit (pdf)

Status as of 2023 October 13 (pdf)

Completion 2023 November 7 (pdf)

Deep River Cross Country Ski Club