Notice Board

Please note that most our events have been delayed by 1 week due to the lack of snow cover. Once the snow arrives, check the “Trail Conditions” page for the most recent trail conditions, or visit the Deep River ski community Facebook page.

The first bridge on M-loop (Bishop’s Bridge) has been successfully replaced (2023 November 7). More information on this projected has been posted under the “Bridge Replacement” page.

Check out the Trail Conditions page for the most recent trails conditions, or visit the Deep River ski community Facebook page.

For the 2023/24 season, we anticipate that all our facilities will be open without Covid specific restrictions or procedures. For chalet use we encourage mask use and physical distancing. If provincial Covid requirements change during the season, information on the DRXC web site will be updated, and signs will be posted at the chalet. Check out the Facilities page for more information.

As usual, the trail clearing and trail improvement groups have done a great job getting things ready for the new season.

Silver Spoon Ski (and Snowshoe) Fest
More information will be provided on the Programs page once details have been finalized.

Equipment Rental
A collection of equipment (poles, boots, skis, waxes) is available for seasonal rental (see the Programs page for details).

Grooming Information
The grooming and trail maintenance volunteers work hard at keeping the ski tracks in good shape and cleared of fallen trees and branches.  Check the groomers’ blog for the latest on trail conditions.

Registration for general members is open. Jackrabbit registration is included in the club membership form. Visit the Registration page for more information.

Club Facebook Page
The Deep River ski community has a Facebook page that can be used to post pictures, spread the news about trail conditions, meet up with others for a group ski, and so on.

Four Seasons Conservancy
Use of the Silver Spoon trails and the DRXC Chalet on Balmer Bay Road are through cooperation with the Four Seasons Conservancy and other private landowners.  For year-round trail access rights you must sign-up as a lifetime Conservancy member (see sidebar).  The DRXC encourages all skiers to do this and to enjoy the other trails, other activities and other seasons in this pristine natural setting.  Please tread lightly!

Deep River Cross Country Ski Club