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Thanks to 2 of our super keen groomers who headed out at 5 am this morning before their day jobs, loops M, S, H and B have been freshly groomed for skate and classic skiing … yes, B loop has a track set on it for you to enjoy during the SILVER SPOON ski week. The horseshoe extension off of H loop is also groomed for classic and skate.

Loops D, R, X, K and C remain in good condition from grooming done 2 days ago.

Please continue being cautious descending the hills on M, S, B and H loops because there is still minimal snow to soften a fall.


The snow that fell a few days ago was enough to re-groom some of the trails.

For classic skiers, track setting was done on Loops D, R, X, C, K (under the power lines), and short M (Kings Road). The old track was left the way it was on the rest of M and on S. There is exposed ground in a few spots on the big hills on M and S because of snow plow scraping, so watch for that.

For skate skiers, rolling was done on M, S, H and K.

We need more snow to make it really nice, but the grooming is nice in many places.