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GROOMING REPORT – Saturday March 11

Ski loops R, X, C were groomed last night for classic skiing. In the absence of new snow, the old hard packed snow was recycled to bury the forest debris that was collecting in the track. The refurbished track is decent. X loop has a short section of soiled snow from another deer that was killed by wolves/coyotes yesterday.

Loop K under the power lines was regroomed for skate and classic skiing. Conditions on K are GOOD.

All other loops were regroomed several days ago for skate and classic skiing, recycling old snow. Trail sections exposed to direct sunlight have become icy, but the shaded section of the trails remain in decent condition. Be cautious of fast decents on the hills on M, S, B and H.

GROOMING REPORT – Wednesday March 08

All loops of the south side of Balmer Bay Road were groomed this morning for skate and classic skiing: loops M, S, B, and H. In addition, loop D was also groomed to bury the debris that fell from trees in the last 2 days. Trail conditions are GOOD.

Loops on the north (river) side of Balmer Bay Road were not groomed this morning (loops, R, X, C). Conditions on those loops are FAIR because of forest debris that has fallen into the tracks over the last 2 days.

SNOWSHOE TRAIL WALKERS – please do not walk on the groomed ski trails to shorten or vary your journey. The situation is becoming ridiculous. If you see someone walking, please inform them that walking on groomed ski trails (including the edges of the groomed trails, in) is inappropriate.

Enjoy the decent skiing today and tomorrow.

GROOMING REPORT – Monday March 06

Loops D, R, X, and C were groomed tonight, so there is freshly set track for classic skiers. With the cool cloudy conditions for the next 3 days, the conditions should remain good, so be sure to enjoy it before we return to warm sunny days.

The other loops and skate tracks are not yet groomed. Those loops have icy and fast tracks that require caution.