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GROOMING UPDATE for February 27

DRXC loops M, S, H, B and K were groomed this evening for skate and classic skiing. The plan is to Groom D, R, X and C tomorrow morning, so tomorrow the ski conditions should be excellent.

There is a herd of deer that has been enjoying the trails in the last few weeks, so we can expect some track “wear” overnight from the wildlife.


All DRXC trails have been groomed for classic and skate skiing, with the exception of B and K loops. The ice pellets and freezing rain last night have left us with a granular snow that’s like ice sand. The track that was pressed into this “snow” might not hold, but it’s a good base for regrooming with the fresh snow that is supposed to come in a few days.

While the conditions for classic skiing are fair to good, the skate ski conditions are very good right now. Hopefully this snow will set properly.


All DRXC trails were groomed for skate and classic skiing this morning, with the exception of K loop under the power lines, where track setting was not done because of blowing snow. The fresh snow was not enough to restore good trail conditions, so the track is icey in places, but blowing the snow will help with that.