Grooming Update for 2023 January 08

The snow from the last few days was a welcome step towards getting back to good conditions, but we need another 20 cm to fully recover from the heat wave and melt that caused a huge amount of damage to the trail system. This morning we groomed all DRXC trails/loops except for B loop. We had a breakdown on S loop, so track setting could not be completed, but 3/4 of the loop was track set before the issue happened. Here’s a summary of the current trail conditions:

– Loop K (under the power lines), classic and skate ski – EXCELLENT

– Loops D, R, X, C classic only – VERY GOOD, but on Loop C watch for a few roots that have only a thin snow cover, where the trail runs under the big pines next to the river.

– Loops M and H, classic and skate ski – FAIR … watch for debris left the recent clearing of fallen trees and branches and roots with thin snow cover

– Loop S, classic and skate ski – POOR (not recommended), icy depressions from snow melt and a missing section of set track. Please be very cautious on S loop.

– Loop B – ungroomed (back country track), not sure of condition, be cautious on the hills.

Best conditions are on D, R X, C and K loops.