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Post – snow

D, R, X and C were groomed – may be soft but it will get better; at least there’s minimal debris!

M, H, S and B were groomed for skate ONLY as there is a high school race tomorrow (the 14th!). There will be a bunch of racers on the chalet side of the road tomorrow so you may want to avoid this area. As it is a skate only race, there are no tracks set on any of the loops. A track will be set following the races.

Update: Weekend Conditions and Plans

D, R, X, C and M have been groomed, as has the hydro line (K). Conditions are quite good! We need some snow to cover up the odd patch of debris (said tongue in cheek) but that appears to be on its way. Enjoy the day.

The recent spat of ice and high winds has left the trails covered in debris and at least three large trees down over R loop. The plan is to head out Saturday morning and clear the fallen trees as well as re-groom .

If you head out later it may be advisable to use rock skis and take care on downhills, especially around corners.

Thanks to all the trail maintenance volunteers and grooming volunteers for their time in keeping the trails in great shape.

Welcome to February and the January Thaw

M, H and S (plus extension and little M link) were groomed for skate and classic yesterday. They are in very nice condition. We have lots of snow to which deep sinking poles will attest in places. The freezing rain played havoc on the small trees that line our trails; the groomer (who shall remain Aubrey) spent a lot of time (i.e. off the machine 70 times) cutting back trees that were hanging over the trails.

We will await the end of the wet stuff and cooling temperatures before grooming next – shouldn’t be long.