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2020 January 05 Grooming Status

As frustrating as it must be for some of you, we are still waiting for a significant snowfall before we can initiate grooming. There are two snowfalls in the long term forecast, but similar projections a few weeks ago failed to yeild what we need. We are 100% ready to initiate grooming, with equipment serviced and rigged. Sorry that we don’t have better news. Enjoy what conditions that we have, but be very cautious with hills because falls are onto frozen ground without padding. MA

Touch up

Little M, M extension and K were groomed to create a 3 km skate loop. M is a little dirty but the hydro line is clean. The snow should feel firm until it gets softened by the sun.

Happy skiing!

Weekend Conditions

The back halves of H and S and full B are the only loops that have not seen recent grooming. All others have had a refresh, although the amount of debris that has fallen from the canopy is considerable in places. K has been fully (re-) opened which is a down and back loop of 1 km.