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DRXC Grooming Status for 2020 February 14

All DRXC trails were groomed earlier in the week, and they remain in very good condition. K Loop (under the hydro lines) was groomed today for classic and skate skiing, in preparation for tomorrow’s DRXC instruction activities. M Loop was re-groomed also today, providing fresh terain for skate skiers and classic skiers.

Grooming status for 2020 february 11

We are patiently waiting for the temperature to drop more than it has been since the Sunday night/Monday morning snowfall. Rolling was conducted this morning on M, S, H, and B (but not K), so skate skiers have groomed conditions to enjoy, but we are delaying track setting to avoid an icey finish.

For classic skiers, the old tracksetting has been skied on, so you will not be breaking trail if you get out today. Also, the rolling carried out on the skate trails was done in a way that the classic track was largely preserved. The exception is with B Loop, where the classic tracking was obliterated in the rolling.

special grooming advisory – trail closures for Jan 30 and 31

In order to perform conditioning of the DRXC trails in preparation for the Silver Spoon race on Saturday morning, the following DRXC trail closures are necessary:

  • D, R and X will be closed (until after the race) as of noon today (Thursday) when we remove the old track and conduct renovating and leveling and we repair the icy section on R
  • M, S and H will be closed as of Friday morning when the classic tracks are removed.
  • K (under the hydro lines) and P loops will remain open .

Also it is VERY IMPORTANT that nobody ski’s the DRXC trails Friday night after the final track setting work is complete.

Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we work towards having an excellent race course, and the recreational skiing that will follow after the race will benefit from this work.