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Mackenzie Races Feb. 9th

MCS is hosting its annual high school races tomorrow. Grooming the trails required for this (M,S,H,M-extension and K) will take priority with the other trails to follow as time and people permit. PAXC reports conditions as crusty and granular. All trails were groomed two days ago but have been covered by our recent offerings. It is advised that you avoid the main skating trails on Thursday morning/early afternoon. All others (D,R,X,C) are fair game!

cheers, the groomers

Saturday Update

As of yesterday all trails are open. B and H have had makeovers and S was also fully opened recently. B is quite enjoyable with plenty of room to get out of the tracks on the downhills. Future efforts will focus on widening the narrow sections of B and S. The snow is fast right now (even if you’re not!). Get out and enjoy the best skiing we’ve had all season.