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Trail update

Full M, H and K are groomed for skate.
M and S are groomed for classic.
R, X, C and D are likely being groomed today (thanks George!).
Trails aren’t perfect but they are decent. H and S are still quite bumpy, with rocks lurking like sharks at a surfing competition. We now have a good base for future grooming efforts.
Enjoy the skiing – Aubrey and I might even get out for a ski today!

Fresh snow

The MSH loop and M-exrention have been rolled and a track is set. Little m got a refresher as did the hydro line (K). We decided not to set track on D and R as the existing track is better than what we would do to it! This prep work will pay off after more snow has fallen but dirt and rocks lurk just under the surface. As an experiment, go out in your front lawn and compress the snow with about 1000 pounds to see how thick the set track is – that’s what we’re skiing on.
A reminder to snowshoers and walkers that the extensive snowshoe trails are for ambulatory pursuits and that dogs are not allowd on the ski trails – thanks.
Also, those who have expressed interest in grooming will be contacted soon as we get more snow to groom.


Hopefully the snow will keep falling and we can pick up our machines soon – they are being serviced right now in preparation for the season. Carburetor tune-ups, suspension repairs and clutch renewal. Stay tuned for updates.

The town is now ploughing a portion of the road opposite the cabin – angled parking with nose in to the north and facing the hospital. Parallel parking is still available on the cabin side.