All DRXC ski loops have been re-groomed for skate and classic skiing, with the exception of B loop.

Regrooming old snow that had been rained upon and refrozen a few days ago is the worst possible grooming conditions to deal with. Conditions are FAIR, with coarse granular snow. Conditions will be very fast, so caution is required on every hill. Intermediate M (king’s road) and short M were also groomed, so those loop options are recommended for skiers wanting to avoid hills, as well as loops R and X.

We had begun preparing B loop last week because there had been snow in the forecast that would have allowed us to do a nice job of grooming it for skate and classic skiing, but that snow didn’t come to be, then along came the warm spell and rain. B LOOP IS NOW TREACHEROUS with the long hills, icy terrain and the lumpiness of the snow base. B loop is not recommended for skiing.

There has to be more snow coming in March, so there has to be good conditions coming. Enjoy what we have until then, with caution.